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London Tube Map
A map of the London Underground with geographically correct station positions taken from wikimedia.
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Weather Underground Air Temperatures
Weather underground air temperatures 1 June 2011 at 20:00
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Income in London
Net weekly income in London
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London Building Volumes
The volume of all buildings in London plotted with the size and colour of the dot proportional to the size of the building structure.
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BBC South Recession: Bills
BBC South Recession: Reducing household bills
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House prices in London
House prices in London (values in thousand pounds)
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World Literacy
The percentage of literate people in each country.
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world map
world map
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Primary Schools in London
Points marking the location of primary schools in the london area.
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London Schools Air Quality
Data from Clean Air in London showing schools within 150 metres of a road carrying more than 10000 vehicles per day
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Bring a Pound Day 2013
All businesses
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BBC South Recession: Longer Hours
BBC South Recession: Working longer hours
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