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The 21 Output Area Classification Groups

The Output Area Classification (OAC) of the UK breaks the country into 220,000 areas and categorises each area into one of 21 demographic groups based on the local population.

You can now view these groups directly on MapTube, in an updated version of one of MapTube's most popular maps. Pan and zoom around the map to find your local area, and click on it to see information about the OAC result there.

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London Tube Map
A map of the London Underground with geographically correct station positions taken from wikimedia.
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Weather Underground Air Temperatures
Weather underground air temperatures 1 June 2011 at 20:00
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Bring a Pound Day 2013
All businesses
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Nursery Schools in London
Points marking the location of nursery schools in the london area.
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Primary Schools in London
Points marking the location of primary schools in the london area.
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Secondary Schools in London
Points marking the location of secondary schools in the London area.
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world map
world map
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London Schools Air Quality
Data from Clean Air in London showing schools within 150 metres of a road carrying more than 10000 vehicles per day
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IMD 2010 Children & Young People Deprivation in London
2010 Index of Multiple Deprivation Children & Young People sub-domain ranks in London by LSOA
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world map
this is the worl map with countrys details
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Social housing in Manchester
Percentage of households in social housing accommodation around Manchester
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House prices in London
House prices in London (values in thousand pounds)
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