Deliberate fire incidents in London

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Brief Description

The data for this map was taken from the new website London Data Store ( and details all deliberate fire Fire incidents recorded by the London Fire & Emergency Planning Authority from December 2007 to November 2009.

Detailed Information

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The following information is taken directly from the London Data Store website:

Count of All Deliberate Fire incidents recorded by the London Fire & Emergency Planning Authority, per month, per ward in London from December 2007 to November 2009.

The London Analysts Support site team (LASS) have developed this dataset in consultation with LFEPA to make it fit for crime analysis purposes.

The primary purpose of the data collected here is for the LFEPA to save lives. The LASS team work with LFEPA to extract data for crime analysis and statistical purposeswith the aim of causing minimum disruption to frontline services. Crime analysts use this data to scan for issues, patterns and trends in deliberate fires in London. They compare and contrast with traditional sources of intelligence such as recorded crime data from the police. Recently this data set has been used by in the Mayors meetings with the police to identify deliberate fire 'hotspots'.